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Lamp installation on Ubuntu

| July 25th, 2013

Have been working on the idea of streamlining (almost strip streaming) a LAMP installation on a Ubuntu box so far have made some scripts available on github

This allow you to get the required software packages from the apt repo and then install mysql and apache2 with the required modules for most sites.

The lamp config also has apache turning script include and some default apache template files for sites allowing http and https sites.

I’ve also added a script which allows you to create self signed ssl keys.

Hope you enjoy it, and find it useful.

MySQL Database Diff Web Gui

| July 25th, 2013

Been working on a database compare web gui so you can compare two database and see the differances between tables.

So far the code is in a working stage and everything seems to be working well.

Let me know if anyone finds any bugs :]

This is based on this blog post here

My code is available on github. I will try and put a demo site up soon people can see it working in action, just a little worried just in case there is any security issues as i don’t want the whole world to see my databases 😉