| June 23rd, 2013

Tor on the Raspberry Pi After following the adafruit via this page http://learn.adafruit.com/onion-pi?view=all which sets up a default wheezy image to a wifi access point and then shows you how to install tor and get it configured to browser anonymously using the tor proxy. For people who don’t want to go thought the hassle with setting up the software, I’ve made my image file available. This is the default wheezy 2013-05-25 image (.img file) with the installed software for using onion pi. Download the OnionPi wheezy image (5GB) 20-03-2014 Download link broken, will try and get another image sorted or a install script might be better so it self configures.. Sorry. The image was written to my 8GB SD card, but I have not resized the partition, so you should be able to resize if you copy it onto the same size card or larger. The default user is pi and password is the raspberry pi standard of ‘raspberry’ (would be good to change it) The wifi adaptor I’m using is the zd1211, if your Wifi Dongle differs you can test if it’s got AP capabilities by using the command iw list After writing the image to a SD card, booting up your pi, you should see a SSID of the name ‘AnoNet’. Connect to this with your Wifi device (I used my net-book) and you should be able to check if your browsing is now anonymous. 5d01cdd6dc3211e29c6822000a1f9688_7 The wifi key is ‘Raspberry’ (please note the upper case R) I did have a issue with connecting via Windows 7, but that was before i rebooted the Pi after setting up all the scripts following the adafruit tutorial, though I think there might be a issue with Windows 7 computer and the DHCP server that is running on the Pi.